Woman's hand writing on a notebook with a pen on a wooden desk.

You will be inspired to have a go at writing a range of your own features, employing contemporary magazine features, essays and literary journalism. We deepen our knowledge and understanding of the contexts and requirements of professional writing by studying supporting ‘critical’ texts (journalism theory) and primary feature texts (features and articles). 

You will be given the opportunity to experiment in an informed way with the styles, techniques and structures encountered. Dip into different specialisms such as health and lifestyle, reviews, music and culture, fashion, food, hobbies and comment pieces. We work as an editorial team on this module: you'll learn how to pitch article ideas to busy editors, and to prepare and deliver ‘elevator pitches’. 

The professional techniques studied will all be transferable to the workplace. You'll develop a growing understanding of different markets and what makes work publishable, to work as a team, and learn how to maximize your readership and impact using social media. The module will hone skills and enable students to progress towards producing work that could be of use in any feature-writing, editing, copy writing, advertising, marketing or publishing career.