Microscopy collage

Our researcher鈥檚 interests focus on brain cancers, immunology, neurobiology, neurodegeneration, genomics, microbiology, hepatology, haematology and stem cell research. We therefore have a broad expertise in all relevant fields of translational biomedical sciences. To meet the light microscopy needs of our staff, the School invested in a modern Imaging Suite which allows fast documentation of live cell cultures and tissues, of in situ conventional and fluorescent stains and quantitative image analysis. Our wide field and confocal microscopes are available for hire by external users. We offer a comprehensive service including advice, instruction, image acquisition, processing and analysis of samples.

Plymouth Science Park

Plymouth Light Microscopy Service (PLiMS)

Plymouth Light Microscopy Service, University of Plymouth, Derriford Research Facility, 14 Research Way, Plymouth Science Park, Plymouth, PL6 8BU, United Kingdom