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In today's fast-paced and digitally connected world, students are constantly seeking new ways to stand out and showcase their skills and achievements.
Digital badging recognises your many accomplishments at university that go beyond your degree – helping you to explain your strengths, share your achievements and stand out from the crowd. 

How can digital badges benefit me?

Have you ever been completely stuck writing a cover letter for a job application, updating your CV, or applying for a course? It can be difficult to articulate the skills you have and the experience you’ve gained during your time at university. 
Digital badges give you the power and language to better tell your stories by clearly spelling out the activities you’ve been involved with, in a language that employers understand. This makes it easier for you to communicate your journey and the value you bring to potential employers.
  • Recognition and validation: Digital badges serve as a digital representation of the skills, achievements and experiences you have gained throughout your time at the University of Plymouth, making it easier for you to showcase your capabilities to potential employers.
  • Enhanced CV: Including digital badges on your CV and professional profiles can make them more dynamic and impressive, providing concrete evidence of your accomplishments and skills.
  • Skill diversification: With digital badges, you can showcase a wide range of skills, from technical to soft skills, making you a well-rounded candidate in the job market.
  • Competitive advantage: Digital badging gives you a competitive edge by differentiating you from other applicants, as it demonstrates your commitment to continuous learning and personal development.

How do I make the most of my digital badges?

Digital badges are accessible to anyone, anywhere, using only a website link. They are a useful tool to display on your CV, LinkedIn profile, email signatures and websites. We've listed a few ways to make the most of the badges you have earned. 
  • Display badges on your CV and social profiles: Add your digital badges to your LinkedIn profile, personal website, or digital CV. This will make your achievements visible to potential employers. 
  • Keep earning: Digital badges can become outdated, so stay up to date with new certifications, courses, or achievements. Continuing to earn badges demonstrates your commitment to lifelong learning.
  • Leverage for job applications: When applying for internships or jobs, highlight the relevant badges that showcase your qualifications. Employers appreciate candidates who have already acquired the skills they need.
  • Prepare for interviews: Be ready to discuss the skills and knowledge you gained from earning your badges. Use concrete examples to illustrate how they've been put into practice.
Digital badges are a reflection of your dedication to learning and skill development. When used effectively, they can set you apart from others and open up opportunities on your professional journey.
See some examples of the positive feedback received from our student and employer Digital Badge Survey 2022:

What our students thought

I believe it adds more value to my CV and my LinkedIn profile as it showcases my skills better

I believe it is a great way to represent and share my achievements in a very professional and summarized way.

What employers thought

Digital Badges are a recognition of a person’s interest in a subject or activity. It can show commitment, knowledge, and other relevant skills.