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Welcome to your Careers Service! As a postgraduate student you have access to all of the support and services that we offer.
We can provide advice and guidance on:
  • applying for a masters degree as a next step when you don’t know what to do after your undergraduate studies
  • additional study as a stepping stone to satisfy your curiosity in a particular subject
  • knowing clearly what you want to do
  • undertaking postgraduate study at specific levels because your preferred profession requires it (for example Clinical Psychologists, amongst others)
  • being a career changer and/or mature student
  • being someone who wants to do a PhD
  • and a number of other circumstances we've probably missed here.
We know that you may have additional questions relating to your future plans whilst at university and beyond graduation. The great news is that we’re available to you free of charge throughout your studies and beyond graduation. Contact us via email or our virtual hub.
If you’re an undergraduate student who is interested in postgraduate study, check out our specific webpage about continuing to postgraduate study and other information on our Careers homepage.

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Manage your career

From the moment you start your degree, to three years after graduation, you’ll benefit from some great ways to manage your career progress online.

 will help you to manage your career appointments, find job vacancies, internships and part-time work, and provide access to workshops and activities to help broaden your skills.

 provides you with a number of interactive tools that will help you to build CVs, write covering letters and map your professional skills.

We can help you with:

Postgraduates are valued by employers

Did you know that many graduate schemes welcome applications from PG students? Even if a scheme is marketed at UG students or only states UG qualifications within its entry requirements, employers are still interested in you and what you have to offer! Graduate recruitment is invaluable to employers as a way to bring new talent into the business and shape it to reach its potential.
Talk to us to find out more about where you can find opportunities and how you can demonstrate desirable attributes such as curiosity, problem solving and collaboration.
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Career advice for students


If you are a woman, or if you identify as a woman, currently studying at the University, this free two day personal and professional development programme may be for you. 

Build your:

  • Confidence in recognising your skills and strengths
  • Personal power (you have more than you think!)
  • Assertiveness and impact when speaking
  • Sense of mindfulness and wellbeing
  • Ability to make personal and professional connections
The programme is interactive and each day we will be joined by guest speakers who will share their own experiences and invite you to ask them questions.

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Graduate Outcomes

The Graduate Outcomes survey is the biggest annual social survey in the UK. The survey is important because your opinions will help current and future students gain an insight into career destinations and development and the University to shape our programmes for students who are following in your footsteps. The survey also contacts postgraduates:
  • 15 months after graduation
  • by email or phone
  • to learn about your activities and views.
Please keep your details up to date and respond if HESA contacts you to complete the survey.
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