What is it?

Soar! is an opt-in programme of activities and support to complement what is already available from the Careers Service.  Soar! aims to improve the equality of opportunity for students from under-represented or less-advantaged groups who can face more challenges accessing the graduate job market and postgraduate study.  We aim to provide you with the tools, contacts and resources to access graduate opportunities with confidence.

Who is it for?

Soar! is suitable for UK undergraduates and while open to anyone who feels they would benefit, we would particularly welcome students from one or more of the following groups:
  • Students from areas where few people go on to University or higher education or from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds.
  • Black, Asian or other minority ethnic students.
  • Disabled students and students living with a long-term physical, medical or mental health condition.
  • Neurodivergent students, for example autistic students and those living with ADHD.
  • Mature students – over 21 when they start their first degree.
  • Students with caring responsibilities for another vulnerable adult.
  • Students who are estranged from their families.
  • Refugees and students in receipt of the Sanctuary Scholarship.
  • Care-experienced students.
Applicant day students

Why would I take part?

Studying for a degree or similar qualification is a great investment to make in yourself and your future, but your qualification is only part of the story. Dr Phil Redmond, former Head of Careers at the University of Liverpool, devised the “Employability Formula” to illustrate this:
E = (Q + WE + S) x C 
Your employability when you graduate (E) is down to a combination of your qualifications (Q), work experience (WE), job search and application strategies (S), multiplied by contacts, or the people you know (C). 
While this makes sense in theory, it is not always so easy if you already have commitments, concerns about disabilities or simply lack confidence and professional contacts.  As a Soar! student, we will help you to:
  • start planning your future from the outset through our dedicated Head Start programme
  • access work experiences, training and development opportunities through our Microinternship programme and Career Development Bursary
  • build your network of contacts in industry with our Professional Mentoring programme
  • plan your future, prepare for recruitment processes and generally increase your confidence levels through bespoke series of workshops which include:
  • Head Start: A welcome to the University at the beginning of your course.
  • Navigating Careers and Jobs Fairs with confidence.
  • Creating winning job applications.
  • Develop your interview technique and confidence.
  • Making your experience count, CVs and applications for mature students.
  • Equality and Diversity in recruitment: sharing sensitive information with employers. 
To find out what else is on, look for the Soar! activities on the Events Calendar. If there are any other activities you would like to see, we would love to hear your thoughts; just contact us in the Careers Service at careers@plymouth.ac.uk, on +44 1752 587456 or in the Student Hub .