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No-one tells you how expensive it can be making the transition from student to graduate! Whether it’s buying interview or work clothes, travel passes or finding a rent deposit, you can now apply for a little bit of help with some of the costs that tend to materialise just when you could really do without them.
We have 30 bursaries, generously funded by Santander, worth £250 each to help under-represented or less-advantaged students with the additional costs of moving into work or postgraduate study from university.

What is it for?

The Graduate Career Bursary, worth up to £250 could be used to help with:
  • costs of professional work clothing outfits to get you started
  • travel expenses for interviews or your initial commute to work
  • attending additional training or professional development, including Bounce! our Women’s Personal and Professional Development Programme
  • professional membership and/or costs of statutory registration e.g. the HJCPC
  • rent deposits and other relocation expenses.
We will consider all reasonable expenses that arise directly from your transition from university to work or postgraduate study. We will however ask you to provide evidence of expenditure or anticipated costs in the form of receipts and/or links to relevant websites.

Who can apply?

You need to be a UK home student who has just completed or is due to complete an undergraduate degree in 2023 or 2024.
You should also belong to at least one of the following groups:
  • from an area where few people access higher education (low-participation neighbourhoods*) or are from a disadvantaged socioeconomic background
  • a student of Black, Asian, mixed heritage or another minority ethnic group such as the Gypsy, Roma or Traveller community
  • disabled students, students with a mental health condition, medical condition, or specific learning difference
  • neurodivergent students for example autistic or dyslexic students, students with ADHD and students with Tourette's – although this list is not exhaustive
  • mature students (those over 21 when they started their first degree)
  • students who are estranged from their families
  • care-experienced students
  • students caring for another vulnerable adult.
*Low-participation neighbourhoods: areas where a low percentage of young people progress to higher education. You can check to see if your home postcode qualifies by entering it on .
Your postcode qualifies if it shows as TUNDRA Quintile 1.

Make an application

Just follow the link to the Santander Open Academy website as Santander are the funders for this bursary – .
If you have any questions about the Graduate Career Bursary, please contact the Careers Hub in the Charles Seale-Hayne Library or at careers@plymouth.ac.uk