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Make your degree your own

Many of our degrees have a wide range of optional modules that allow you to follow your interests and play to your strengths.
For some of our courses, we offer a unique structure that allows you to study and combine topics that are important to you. 

Study a combination of subject areas

If you choose to study three modules from the same subject area (outside your core degree), you will be able to add this second subject area to your final degree certificate:
BA/BSc (Hons) [core degree] with [second subject area]
Add a law component to your study of politics or mix things up and express yourself through creative writing – the possibilities are almost endless.

Why personalise your degree?

  • Dive deeper into your subject
    Choose to take optional modules within the structure of your course which fit your academic interests as they emerge.
  • Branch out and explore new subject areas
    Take optional modules taught across completely different degrees.
  • Play to your strengths
    Hone your talents and study the subject areas that suit your academic interests and strengths.
  • Gain additional skills employers value
    A cross-disciplinary degree can evidence your willingness to learn and could broaden your future career opportunities.
  • Experiential opportunities
    Branching out can provide you with diverse and rewarding experiences.

How it works...

Next steps after you start your course...

We know that you need time to develop your interests. You don’t have to make any decisions about modules until the second year of your core degree.
We will support you in choosing modules and subjects that are best suited for your interests, academic strengths and chosen career path.

Contact Admissions if you have any questions