Aerial photo of campus and Hoe with Intercity House

A multidimensional campus

From individual to civic impact

Investing in our estate and its environment is vital. Our buildings and spaces support the creation and sharing of knowledge but also the social fabric and wellbeing of everyone – students, staff and visitors. 

Our Campus Masterplan is supporting investment to create an inspiring, progressive and sustainable environment in the heart of our vibrant city.

Our mission is to advance knowledge and transform lives. Our campus must support excellence and enhance collaboration to achieve this. 

Blending state-of-the-art teaching and research facilities with attractive casual and social spaces the aim is to facilitate creativity and the sharing of ideas and knowledge.

A 10-year plan for a first-class campus

Over the next 10 years, the University will be significantly investing in its campus to ensure a first-class learning, research and working environment that is centred on low carbon design, befitting of a leading university. Through a number of proposed developments, our campus will be designed for teaching, working, living and socialising in the 21st century – nurturing excellence, inspiration and creativity.

It will be a showcase for the interesting and ground-breaking work that the University undertakes. This will include the development of new teaching, learning, research, social and green spaces, as well as the maintenance and refurbishment of our existing space as we seek to enhance our sense of place and the public realm, improve navigability and promote our leading sustainability values and net zero carbon goals.

Babbage Building: where engineering meets design

The new engineering and design facility provides a state-of-the-art space to inspire creativity, innovation and collaboration from our engineering and design pioneers of tomorrow.
Situated on the western edge of our city centre campus, the landmark facility has transformed the teaching capacity and research capability of the School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics and School of Art, Design and Architecture.
Through exemplary social, research and teaching spaces, it facilitates a new depth of collaboration across related subject areas, facilitating brilliant minds coming together and solving real-world issues.
Housing contemporary specialist equipment and laboratories, it brings engineering, science and the arts together, enabling holistic and creative approaches to problem-solving to address some of the world’s biggest issues, such as climate change and healthcare.
Exterior of Babbage building
Students in the STEAM laboratory, Babbage
Students using equipment in the STEAM laboratory, Babbage
STEAM Lab in the Babbage Building

The Babbage Building's superb spaces and facilities will encourage the creation and exchange of ideas between students across all disciplines, reflecting 21st-century working practices and the expectations of today's employers. This major investment to develop first-class teaching spaces, research facilities and laboratories reflects the successes of our STEM community; it will strengthen our relationships with industrial partners and will support the University in its mission to advance knowledge and transform lives.

Alex BeltonAlex Belton
Head of School and substantive Professor of Mathematics, School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics

Plymouth is undergoing something of a creative revolution. It is bringing design and digital innovation to the fore and ensuring the city’s creative sector can offer new opportunities, spaces and skills. This new facility will enhance the University’s place at the forefront of that, and mean we can continue to attract and nurture the design stars of the future.

Chris BennewithChris Bennewith
Executive Dean for the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business

InterCity Place: facilities for health professions, nursing and midwifery

A brand new space on our main city-centre campus to train and develop the next generation of nurses, midwives and allied health professionals.
The £33 million investment has breathed new life into one of Plymouth’s most iconic buildings and is a key part of the wider regeneration of the city’s railway station and surrounding area. The 11-storey tower block is welcoming students, ready to hone their skills using a range of health technologies and digital innovations.
InterCity Place complements existing clinical facilities and creates an unrivalled location where undergraduate and postgraduate students from a variety of disciplines learn together under one roof.
InterCity Place
Hospital simulation ward, Intercity Place
Clinical Simulation Skills, Intercity Place
Students using the new Optometry teaching spaces in the University of Plymouth's InterCity Place.

For around 40 years, we have been at the pinnacle of quality health education in the South West with nationally regarded programmes in physiotherapy, occupational therapy, paramedicine, dietetics, optometry, and social work. InterCity Place builds on that, but is also the start of a new chapter for our school with its cutting-edge skills development laboratories. It will enable us to continue embracing new opportunities and collaborations, and lead, innovate, inspire, and shape the healthcare landscape while paving the way for even greater successes.

Sally AbeySally Abey
Head of School of Health Professions