Ajay Chauhadiya

This is Ajay's story

While being inspired by his experiences studying BEng (Hons) Electrical and Electronics from Plymouth, Ajay Chauhadiya found his true calling to help other's along their own journey, after graduating in 2014.

After building up a range of experience, Ajay now works as International Recruitment Manager at ApplyBoard Inc. Canada. Below, Ajay reflects on his time studying at Plymouth as an international student and the experiences which helped make him the person he is today.

Life after Plymouth

"Since I graduated, I have been working in the education industry, thanks to the skills I learnt during my time at the University and the knowledge I gained through my student experience.

“After moving back to India, I started work as a Business Development Manager for an overseas consultancy for six months. After this, I got an opportunity in Australia and worked for an online education provider as an International Education Advisor. During my two-year stay in Sydney, I also worked as a Customer Experience Consultant for TAFE colleges in Australia. Helped by these educational overseas experiences, I started working as an Assistant Admission Consultant for Brighter-Prep Admissions in Dubai, UAE.

“After graduating, my life wasn’t that easy, with heaps of ups and downs and a lack of opportunities back home. I decided to step in as mentor for students.

"I started my first job for the overseas consultancy – looking at my team leading skills and always being ready to help, I realised this was the right profession for me. I have been counselling students and working for the admission department for three years now. I enjoy helping students to achieve their goals and pursue their dreams.

“I have done so many good and exciting things throughout my career, from being a President for the Hindu Society for three years at the Student Union in Plymouth, to working for the London 2012 Summer Olympics. I now work as an International Recruitment Manager at ApplyBoard Inc. Canada.

“The most exciting thing was starting my first job in the overseas education consultancy. I love this career because I get to inspire others with my experiences of studying abroad and coming back to my own country. I always find it very exciting to talk about my UK journey and how a small-town boy started his journey and achieved this much. Working as a counsellor is a very exciting thing and I feel proud to share my stories and motivate others."

Discovering new pathways

“The main reasons for studying at Plymouth was the engineering curriculum and the University ranking in the field of electronics and robotics – plus, its locality; a nice and peaceful place to study in the South West of England, with a rich and diverse culture.

“Plymouth played a vital role in my career aspirations and helped me choose the right career path. I started my journey to become an engineer, but with the passage of time, I noticed that my skills were taking me somewhere else.

"I never realised before going to university that I liked helping people and with my outgoing nature, the role of student counsellor became the right pathway for me. I believe I was destined to come to Plymouth because the learning I took from there made me a very successful person.

"I got an opportunity to work at London 2012 Summer Olympics, Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games and served as President of the Hindu Society for three years. I have no regrets that I did not get a job in engineering because I am enjoying where I am now and it is all because of the knowledge and skills I developed while studying at Plymouth.

“I was supported throughout my studies by many university teams. Firstly, I would like to say thanks to the careers and employability services for supporting me by helping me to build my resume and gain part-time jobs in the UK. Their services helped me to get job opportunities, such as working for London 2012 and becoming a Resident Assistant for the University. 

"The University library facilities helped me in my studies by offering 24/7 study facilities, where I didn’t have to plan a second trip for books or resources. 

“In my worst time, when I had an arm fracture and didn’t have enough money to support myself, the International Office offered me a grant to support me. 

“From practical labs, to the teaching faculty, everyone was very helpful until the end.”

Life as an international student

“The University helped me a lot through my degree. Being an international student, away from home for the first time, was a bit tough for me. However, Plymouth made me feel at home – the environment and the helpful international staff were great for me. 

“Not being a native English speaker was a bit tough at the beginning, but I settled down very quickly and enjoyed my time there. From arrival to departure, I did not have single issue of being treated like an international person. I always felt that Plymouth was my second home with lots of great events, like the international student fairs, trips and cultural events.

“I would recommend Plymouth for its curriculum and facilities provided to students. 

Plymouth is a small city and its peaceful atmosphere makes it the right place for students to pursue their degree. 

The rich culture gives many opportunities for international students to learn and explore the Great British culture. 

I really like the campus and its accessible services all within walking distance, which makes it unique. Both the academic focus and the extra-curricular opportunities makes this a great place to study.

“Plymouth prepared me to face challenges throughout my career. I learned to be independent and able to travel anywhere around the world, without any hesitation. The interpersonal and communication skills, which I learnt at Plymouth, help me to face any challenge. I gained great leadership and time management skills and a positive working approach, which has enabled my successful career.

“My favourite memory was running for President at the Student Union, where I got an opportunity to become a face for international students and to meet so many people. I always had a dream that people should know me and remember me, this event made it real.

“I also organised a colour festival, which was covered by the BBC and the Plymouth Herald – a very vivid and happy memory even today.

“If I had the chance to go to university again, then I would choose Plymouth, for sure, because of the experience and learning I gained throughout my degree. I would recommend to upskill my skills working in teams and on time management, because with so much happening at university it is easy to get distracted.

“I am more strong-willed and highly motivated towards my work since I graduated from Plymouth.”

Aerial view of Plymouth Hoe

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