Granddaughter showing grandmother how it looks to use VR headset
As part of the research we do at the Centre for Health Technology, we have created various resources for use by patients and the public, health and care staff, and digital health technology developers and small to medium enterprises (SMEs).听 These resources can be accessed below, with more being progressed to be made available soon.

Resources for patients and health and social care practitioners

Telerehab toolkit

Telerehabilitation (or telerehab) is the delivery of rehabilitation services via remote methods, for example by video-based (online) or telephone calls. The Telerehab toolkit of resources is a guide for health and social care practitioners, patients and their families. It is designed to help in undertaking effective remote consultations for people with physical disabilities and movement impairment, including people recovering from COVID-19. 听
Older man sitting in a wheelchair using a laptop

Resources for developers of Digital Health Technologies

The GOALD toolkit: Design considerations for development of technologies to support physical and mental activity for older adults 听

This toolkit has been developed from research conducted as part of the Generating Older Active Lives Digitally (GOALD) project at the University of Plymouth and University of Stirling. The GOALD toolkit has been created for an intended audience of technology developers to support the creation of digital products for older adults with a focus on promoting physical activity. It is made up of three sections:
  • General recommendations for all technologies designed for older adults.
  • Virtual Reality (VR) sub section for those working with immersive technologies, and including end-user priorities.
  • 听Physical activity platforms sub section (i.e. websites, apps, games), including end-user priorities.
Elderly person in wheelchair exercising using a virtual reality (VR) headset
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