Dr Anthony Uren

Dr Anthony Uren

Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences (Blood Science)

School of Biomedical Sciences (Faculty of Health)



Research interests

Our main research interest is using cancer genomes as a tool to understand tumour evolution and from this devise novel avenues for therapy. We do this using a combination of cancer informatics, comparative genomics and mouse models.

We have previously performed forward genetic screens in mice using insertion mutations that deregulate or disrupt transcripts, eventually giving rise to lymphoid malignancies. From these screens we identified hundreds of loci undergoing selection during lymphomagenesis many of which are also observed in human malignancies.

Early mutations in tumour development are “clonal” i.e. present in the majority of the tumour whereas later mutations are subclonal and may be present in only a small fraction of tumour cells. We have seen that early clonal mutations greatly affect the spectrum of subsequent mutations selected at other loci. Subclonal mutations present in patients at the time of first treatment are frequently responsible for resistance and relapse. As such being able to predict which subclonal mutations are present in tumours has implications for choosing appropriate therapies.

Our current efforts are refining methods for analysing subclonal mutations in tumour cohorts and validating mutated genes as therapeutic targets in primary lymphoma cultures and mouse models.




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