Professor Kevin Jones

Professor Kevin Jones

Deputy Vice-Chancellor - Research and Innovation

Office of Vice Chancellor

Professor Kevin Jones can be contacted through arrangement with our Press Office, to speak to the media on these areas of expertise.
  • Cyber security
  • Maritime cyber threats
  • Hardware verification
  • Analogue verification
  • Trustworthiness of complex systems
  • Software development
  • Autonomous systems
  • Hardware design tools


Executive Dean, Faculty of Science and Engineering


PhD University of Manchester
MSc University of Oxford
BSc University of Reading

Professional membership

Fellow of BCS
Fellow of the IET

Fellow of the IMarEST
Senior Member of ACM
Senior member of IEEE
Full member of IISP

Roles on external bodies

Trustee and Board Member, Engineering Council
Member of UKCRC Executive Committee
Member of CPHC 
Member of EPSRC College
Member of BCS Academy Board
Fellowship Assessor for BCS
Assessor for Chartered Engineer, Chartered Scientist, Chartered Information Technology Professional
Member of IAAC/GCHQ Academic Liaison Panel
Chair of University of Plymouth Sustainability Advisory Group
Chair of University of Plymouth Security Advisory Group
Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists
Member of WCIT Security Panel
Member of WCIT Education and Training Panel
Member of the Board of the Plymouth Science Park
Chair, Plymouth STEM Board
Director of University of Plymouth Enterprise Limited
Member of University of Plymouth Board of Govenors
Member of EC/RAEng Ethics Group

Key publications

Tam K & Jones K (2019) 'MaCRA: a model-based framework for maritime cyber-risk assessment' Wmu Journal of Maritime Affairs ,
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Research interests

  • Trustworthiness of Complex Systems
  • Cyber-security
  • Maritime Cyber Threats
  • Hardware verification
  • Analog verification
  • Software development
  • Formal methods
  • CAD tools



Other research

Grants & contracts

Cyber-MAR H2020

Cyber-SHIP Research England



Key publications

Tam K & Jones K (2019) 'MaCRA: a model-based framework for maritime cyber-risk assessment' Wmu Journal of Maritime Affairs ,

Key publications are highlighted

Vineetha Harish A, Tam K & Jones K (2023) 'BridgeInsight: An asset profiler for penetration testing in a heterogenous maritime bridge environment' Maritime Technology and Research ,
Hopcraft R, Vineetha Harish A, Tam K & Jones K (2023) 'Raising the Standard of Maritime Voyage Data Recorder Security' Journal of Marine Science and Engineering ,
Tam K, Chang B, Hopcraft R, Moara-Nkwe K & Jones K (2023) 'Quantifying the econometric loss of a cyber-physical attack on a seaport' Frontiers in Computer Science 4, ,
Hopcraft R, Tam K, Dorje Palbar Misas J, Moara-Nkwe K & Jones K (2022) 'Developing a maritime cyber safety culture: Improving safety of operations' Maritime Technology and Research 5, (1) 258750-258750 ,
Tam K, Hopcraft R, Moara-Nkwe K, Misas JP, Andrews W, Harish AV, Giménez P, Crichton T & Jones K (2021) 'Case Study of a Cyber-Physical Attack Affecting Port and Ship Operational Safety' Journal of Transportation Technologies 12, 1-27 ,
Tam K, Hopcraft R, Crichton T & Jones K (2021) 'The potential mental health effects of remote control in an autonomous maritime world' Journal of International Maritime Safety, Environmental Affairs, and Shipping 5, (2) 51-66 ,
Tam K, Moara-Nkwe K & Jones K (2020) 'The Use of Cyber Ranges in the Maritime Context: Assessing maritime-cyber risks, raising awareness, and providing training' Maritime Technology and Research 3, (1) ,
Tam K & Jones K (2019) 'MaCRA: a model-based framework for maritime cyber-risk assessment' Wmu Journal of Maritime Affairs ,
Tam K & Jones K (2018) 'Maritime cybersecurity policy: the scope and impact of evolving technology on international shipping' Journal of Cyber Policy 3, (2) ,
Asad HU & Jones KD (2016) 'Verifying Inevitability of Oscillation in Ring Oscillators Using the Deductive SOS-QE Approach' IEEE Design & Test 33, (5) 35-43 ,
Jones KD, Tam K & Papadaki M (2016) 'Threats and Impacts in Maritime Cyber Security' Engineering & Technology Reference
Kim J, Jones KD & Horowitz MA (2010) 'Fast, Non-Monte-Carlo Estimation of Transient Performance Variation Due to Device Mismatch' IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers 57, (7) 1746-1755 ,
Jones KD, Konrad V & Nickovic D (2009) 'Analog property checkers: a DDR2 case study' Formal Methods in System Design 36, (2) 114-130 ,
Guttag JV & Horning JJ (2012) Larch: Languages and Tools for Formal Specification. Springer Science & Business Media
Jones CB, Jones KD, Lindsay P & Moore RD (2012) mural: A Formal Development Support System. Springer Science & Business Media
Conference Papers
Gurren J, Vineetha Harish A, Tam K & Jones K (2023) 'Security Implications of a Satellite Communication Device on Wireless Networks Using Pentesting' 19th International Conference on Wireless and Mobile Computing, Networking and Communications (WiMob) ,
Hopcraft R, Vineetha Harish A, Tam K & Jones KD (2022) 'Raising the Standard of Maritime Voyage Data Recorder Security' CyberSHIP Annual Symposium 2022 0-/-1/20220-/-1/2022
Ross JAJ, Tam K, Walker DJ & Jones KD (2022) 'Towards a Digital Twin of a Complex Maritime Site for Multi-Objective Optimization' 2022 14th International Conference on Cyber Conflict: Keep Moving! (CyCon) 5-/-0/20226-/-0/2022IEEE ,
Pozdniakov K, Alonso E, Stankovic V, Tam K & Jones K (2020) 'Smart Security Audit: Reinforcement Learning with a Deep Neural Network Approximator' IEEE Cyber Science
Tam K, Forshaw K & Jones K (2019) 'Cyber-SHIP: Developing Next Generation Maritime Cyber Research Capabilities' International Conference on Marine Engineering and Technology Oman ,
Tam K & Jones K (2019) 'Factors Affecting Cyber Risk in Maritime' 2019 International Conference on Cyber Situational Awareness, Data Analytics And Assessment (Cyber SA) 6-/-0/20196-/-0/2019IEEE ,
Tam K & Jones K (2019) 'Forensic Readiness within the Maritime Sector' 2019 International Conference on Cyber Situational Awareness, Data Analytics And Assessment (Cyber SA) 6-/-0/20196-/-0/2019IEEE ,
Tam K & Jones K (2018) 'Cyber-Risk Assessment for Autonomous Ships' Cyber Security Glasgow 6-/-0/20186-/-0/2018IEEE
Asad HU & Jones KD (2015) 'Verifying inevitability of phase-locking in a charge pump phase lock loop using sum of squares programming' 52nd Design Automation Conference San Fransico, California 6-/-0/20156-/-0/2015ACM / EDAC / IEEE ,
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Kim J, Jones KD & Horowitz MA (2007) 'Fast, non-Monte-Carlo estimation of transient performance variation due to device mismatch' the 44th annual conference 6-/-0/20076-/-0/2007ACM Press ,
Jones KD (1987) 'A formal semantics for a DataFlow Machine — Using VDM' Springer Berlin Heidelberg 331-355 ,
Jones KD (1987) 'Support environments for VDM' Springer Berlin Heidelberg 110-117 ,
Jones KD & Privitera JP 'The automatic generation of functional test vectors for Rambus designs' 33rd Design Automation Conference ACM ,


Additional information

I've worked on trustworthiness of complex systems, in one form or another, for most of my professional career. 

Originally, formal methods and proof in the context of software development. Then many years in hardware verification, both pragmatic and theoretical, ranging from pre-tapeout verification of high volume silicon designs through to novel approaches to the formal verification of analog circuits.
More recently, I've been working in the areas of cyber-security, with an interest in quantitative approaches to security and a very specific focus on security in the maritime domain. 

I've covered the spectrum from pure academic research through to pragmatic hands on industry deployment in both verification and security, and see the benefits of both academic and industrial mindsets.

In recent years, I've spent a lot of time working with extraordinary individuals and building and managing some great teams capable of amazing results. Team building, managing, mentoring and teaching with people at various levels of experience has been a very satisfying addition to the technical work and has allowed us collectively to achieve far more than any of us could have managed singularly. 

Since returning to academia, I have enjoyed teaching students at all levels, from 1st year UG through PhD, and have been very involved in shaping the teaching of Computer Science through academic leadership roles in the University, the BCS and the WCIT.

Specialties: Cyber-security, Hardware verification; Software development; Formal methods; CAD tools; Analog verification; R&D; Leadership; Management