Dr Martin Stokes

Dr Martin Stokes

Associate Head of School - Graduate Outcomes

School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)





I am an Earth scientist with published research interests in international scientific journals (e.g. Geomorphology, Geological Society of London, Geological Society of America, Nature Comms., Quaternary Research) examining fluvial/coastal/tectonic geomorphology, sedimentology and long-term landscape development in the UK, Western Mediterranean, North Africa and the USA.

Employment / education:

  • 2019 - associate head - School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Plymouth
  • 2019 - editor in Chief: Geomorphology (Elsevier)
  • 2017 - senior fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • 2010 - current: Associate Professor (Senior Lecturer) in Geological Sciences
  • 2006 - visiting researcher Calpoly San Luis Obispo / UCSB Rancho Marino Reserve (California, USA)
  • 1997-2010 Lecturer in Geological Sciences
  • 1997 PhD Physical Geography, University of Plymouth
  • 1992 BSc (Hons) Physical Geology and Geomorphology, University of Liverpool (First Class)

Professional membership


Professional membership of:

  • British Society for Geomorphology (BSG)
  • Fellow of the Geological Society (FGS)
  • Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society (FRGS)
  • British Sedimentological Research Group (BSRG)
  • International Quaternary Association (INQUA)
  • Fluvial Archives Group (FLAG) - a research group of the Quaternary Research Association (QRA) Quaternary Research Association (QRA)
  • International Association of Sedimentologists (IAS)
  • Higher Education Academy (HEA)

Roles on external bodies

  • Past editorial board member for the Elsevier journal .
  • Former member of the Engineering Group of the Geological Society of London working party on 'Hot Deserts': (Walker, 2012).
  • NERC  2008-ongoing - grant reviewing, grant panel member, services review group member.



    Teaching interests

     Current teaching areas / interests:

    • Fieldwork (UK, Europe, North Africa, North America)
    • Geomorphology 
    • Sedimentology
    • Remote Sensing
    • Professional Skills / employability

     Module leader:

    • APIE 217 and 316 Earth Science Placements
    • GEOL2007 Long Term Landscape Development 

     Teaching / administrative roles and responsibilities:

    • Stage 4 Professional Skills delivery (PDP / employability)
    • Earth Sciences employability lead

    Staff serving as external examiners

    External examiner: Brighton University undergraduate Earth Science programmes - 2015-2019

    External advisor for approval / re-approval / validation of undergraduate Geography, Geology, Environmental Sciences and Science access courses, e.g. Liverpool John Moores University (2009).



    Research interests

    General interests include the sedimentology and geomorphology of Late Cenozoic alluvial fans, bedrock river systems, fluvial terrace sequences and Late Quaternary shore platforms / marine terraces. Research in these areas typically involves the analysis of key controlling mechanisms (tectonics, climate, eustacy) and quantifying rates of change using radiometric dating techniques.

    Current Research Projects / Themes:    

    • Landsliding (UK, SE Spain, Morocco)
    • Alluvial fans in mountain front and confined valley settings (USA, SE Spain, Morocco)
    • Alluvial fans as indicators of volcanic island denudation (Cape Verde)
    • River gorge development (transverse drainage) (Iberia, Morocco)
    • Bedrock meander belt development (Morocco)
    • Chronologies of Late Cenozoic landscape development using OSL and cosmogenic exposure dating (Iberia, Morocco, Cape Verde)


    Research groups

    Research degrees awarded to supervised students

    • Xiaohong Zhao 2017. Holocene palaeohydrology of the Yongding River, China. Beijing Normal University. (co-supervisor)
    • Martin Geach 2015. River capture and landscape development, Tabernas Basin, SE Spain.  PhD University of Plymouth.
    • Waleed Hamed 2015. Geomorphology of the Western desert, Iraq.  PhD University of Plymouth.
    • Samantha Ilott 2013.Cosmogenic dating of fluvial terraces in the Sorbas Basin, SE Spain.  PhD University of Plymouth.
    • Alfandi, E. 2012. Early Mesozoic stratigraphy, sedimentology and structure of the Gharian area, north-western Libya.  PhD University of Plymouth.
    • Meikle, C. 2009. Late Pleistocene Drainage Evolution of the Rio Almanzora, SE Spain. NERC PhD, University of Newcastle. (co-supervisor)
    • Foster, C. 2007. The distribution, nature and causes of landsliding in Devon & Cornwall. PhD University of Plymouth.
    • Sharples, M. 2005. Testing the isotope signal from fossil Crassostrea longirostris oysters as a palaeoclimate reconstruction tool. MSc University of Plymouth.
    • Hannant, K.P. 2003. Pliocene mangroves in Southeast Spain: Fossil Evidence and Palaeoclimatic Implications. MRes, University of Plymouth.
    • Coventry, K.A. 2003. Specification development for the use of Devon cob in earthen construction. PhD, University of Plymouth.

    Grants & contracts


    Research Funding from: 

    • NERC
    • British Geological Survey (NERC)
    • Royal Society
    • National Geographic
    • British Council
    • Royal Geographical Society
    • Quaternary Research Association
    • British Geomorphological Research Group
    • Geological Society of London
    • Centre of Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) University of Plymouth
    • Portuguese government (funding as an international expert)
    • National Geographic




    Key publications

    Key publications are highlighted

    Zondervan J, Stokes M, Boulton S, Telfer M, Mather A & Belfoul M (2024) 'Lithological controls on the timing of strath terrace staircase formation in a collisional mountain belt' Earth Surface Processes and Landforms ,
    Costa J, Gomes A, Stokes M & Saraiva M (2024) 'Recreational Use of Protected Areas: Spatiotemporal Insights from the Wikiloc Mobile App' Current Issues in Tourism ,
    Bahrami S & Stokes M (2023) 'Analyzing drainage basin orientation and its relationship to active fold growth (Handun anticline, Zagros, Iran)' Geomorphology 426, ,
    Bou-imajjane L, Belfoul MA, Niacsu L, Stokes M, Costel CI, Anastasiei AM, Faramandimby AM & Dipakama CM (2022) 'Key factor(s) triggering erosion in a semi-arid environment (Western High Atlas of Morocco)' Modeling Earth Systems and Environment 9, (1) 735-747 ,
    Zondervan JR, Stokes M, Telfer MW, Boulton SJ, Mather AE, Buylaert JP, Jain M, Murray AS & Belfoul MA (2022) 'Constraining a model of punctuated river incision for Quaternary strath terrace formation' Geomorphology 414, ,
    Alves FC, Stokes M, Boulton SJ, de Fátima Rossetti D & de Morisson Valeriano M (2022) 'Post-rift geomorphological evolution of a passive continental margin (Paraíba region, northeastern Brazil): Insights from river profile and drainage divide analysis' Geomorphology 414, ,
    Bou-imajjane L, Belfoul MA, Stokes M, Elaloui A, Labbaci A, El Ayady H & Ez-zaouy Y (2022) 'Adaptation of the revised universal soil loss equation (RUSLE) to soil loss modeling in a semi-arid watershed: a case study from western high atlas, Morocco' Modeling Earth Systems and Environment 8, (4) 4775-4792 ,
    Jones JN, Boulton SJ, Stokes M, Bennett GL & Whitworth MRZ (2021) '30-year record of Himalaya mass-wasting reveals landscape perturbations by extreme events' Nature Communications 12, (1) ,
    Jones JN, Boulton SJ, Bennett GL, Stokes M & Whitworth MRZ (2021) 'Temporal Variations in Landslide Distributions Following Extreme Events: Implications for Landslide Susceptibility Modeling' Journal of geophysical research. Earth surface 126, (7) ,
    Bou-imajjane L, Belfoul MA, Elkadiri R & Stokes M (2020) 'Soil erosion assessment in a semi-arid environment: a case study from the Argana Corridor, Morocco' Environmental Earth Sciences 79, (18) ,
    Stokes M & Gomes A (2020) 'Alluvial fans on volcanic islands: A morphometric perspective (São Vicente, Cape Verde)' Geomorphology 107356-107356 ,
    Zondervan JR, Stokes M, Boulton SJ, Telfer MW & Mather AE (2020) 'Rock strength and structural controls on fluvial erodibility: Implications for drainage divide mobility in a collisional mountain belt' Earth and Planetary Science Letters 538, 0-0 ,
    Jones JN, Stokes M, Boulton SJ, Bennett GL & Whitworth MRZ (2019) 'Coseismic and monsoon-triggered landslide impacts on remote trekking infrastructure, Langtang Valley, Nepal' Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology 159-166 ,
    Cunha PP, Martins AA, Gomes A, Stokes M, Cabral J, Lopes FC, Pereira D, de Vicente G, Buylaert J-P & Murray AS (2019) 'Mechanisms and age estimates of continental-scale endorheic to exorheic drainage transition: Douro River, Western Iberia' Global and Planetary Change 181, 102985-102985 ,
    Stokes M, Mather A, Angel R, Kearsey S & Lewin S (2018) 'Anatomy, Age and Origin of an Intramontane Top Basin Surface (Sorbas Basin, Betic Cordillera, SE Spain)' Quaternary ,
    Mather AE, Fyfe R, Clason C, Stokes M, Mills S & Barrows TT (2018) 'Automated mapping of relict patterned ground: An approach to evaluate morphologically subdued landforms using unmanned-aerialvehicle and structure-from-motion technologies' Progress in Physical Geography ,
    Boulton SJ & Stokes M (2018) 'Which DEM is best for analysing fluvial landscape development in mountainous terrains?' Geomorphology 310, 168-168 ,
    Stokes MR, Mather, Mather A, Geach M & Boulton S (2017) 'Controls on dryland mountain landscape development along the NW Saharan desert margin: Insights from Quaternary river terrace sequences (Dadès River, south-central High Atlas, Morocco)' Quaternary Science Reviews ,
    Geach MR, Stokes M & Hart AB (2017) 'The application of geomorphic indices in terrain analysis for ground engineering practice' Engineering Geology ,
    Cunha PP, Martins AA, Buylaert J-P, Murray AS, Raposo L, Mozzi P & Stokes M (2016) 'New data on the chronology of the Vale do Forno sedimentary sequence (Lower Tejo River terrace staircase) and its relevance as a fluvial archive of the Middle Pleistocene in western Iberia' Quaternary Science Reviews ,
    Mather AE, Stokes M & Whitfield E (2016) 'River terraces and alluvial fans: The case for an integrated Quaternary fluvial archive' Quaternary Science Reviews 166, 74-90 ,
    Martins AA, Cabral J, Cunha PP, Stokes M, Borges J, Caldeira B & Martins AC (2016) 'Tectonic and lithological controls on fluvial landscape development in Central-Eastern Portugal: Insights from long profile tributary stream analyses' Geomorphology ,
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    Conference Papers
    Fernandes R, Teixeira J, Gomes A & Stokes M (2023) 'Volcanic Island Drainage Divide Migration: Implications for Land Planning (Assomada Plateau, Santiago, Cape Verde)' Springer Nature Switzerland 97-101 ,
    Zondervan J, Stokes M, Boulton SJ, Telfer MW & Mather AE (2022) 'LITHOLOGY, ROCK STRENGTH AND FRACTURE CONTROLS ON FLUVIAL ERODIBILITY' PRF2022—Progressive Failure of Brittle Rocks Geological Society of America ,
    Zondervan JR, Stokes M, Boulton SJ, Mather AE & Telfer MW (2018) 'Catchment changes in response to tectonics and climate: using river terraces and DEM data in the southern High Atlas Mountains (Morocco)' WGSG 2018 4th Meeting of the Working Group on Sediment Generation, Dublin
    Boulton SJ, Stokes M, Vandevelde J & Mather AE (2016) 'When did the Moroccan High Atlas Mountains get high? Constraints on neo- and active tectonics from fluvial geomorphology and palaeoaltimetry' 7th International INQUA Meeting on Paleoseismology, Active Tectonics and Archeoseismology Crestone, CO 81131 USA 5-/-0/20166-/-0/2016,
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    Stokes M & Griffiths JS (1999) 'Small-scale mass movement failures in Early to Mid Pleistocene fluvial deposits in the Vera Basin, South-east Spain' 137-145
    Presentations and posters
    Zondervan JR, Stokes M, Jain M, Buylaert J-P, Telfer MW & Murray AS Zondervan JR, Stokes M, Jain M, Buylaert J-P, Telfer MW & Murray AS 'Chronology for mountainous river terraces: OSL/IRSL and rock dating techniques applied to carbonate-rich terraces in the Atlas Mountains'
    Zondervan JR, Stokes M, Mather AE & Boulton SJ Zondervan JR, Stokes M, Mather AE & Boulton SJ 'Fluvial archives of NW African climate and tectonic evolution, Atlas Mountains, central Morocco'
    Zondervan JR, Stokes M, Boulton SJ, Mather AE & Telfer MW Zondervan JR, Stokes M, Boulton SJ, Mather AE & Telfer MW 'Palaeo river long profile reconstruction in a fold-and-thrust belt: river terraces as archives of Quaternary incision and aggradation in the Atlas Mountains'
    Other Publications
    Martins A, Cunha P, Gouveia M, Gomes A, Falguères C, Stokes M, Voinchet P, Cabral J, Bahain J-J & de Vicente G Geomorphic markers of Quaternary tectonics in Westernmost Iberia: insights from the Lower Mondego River terraces (central Portugal). ,
    Antunes Martins A, Porto Gouveia M, Proença Cunha P, Gomes A, Falguères C, Voinchet P, Stokes M, Caldeira B, Cabral J & Buylaert J-P Marine terrace staircases of western Iberia: uplift rate patterns from rocky limestone coasts of central Portugal (Cape Espichel and Raso). ,
    Gomes A, Cunha PP, Martins A, Stokes M & Fernandes R Patterns and controls on fluvial incision in the lower Douro River (Western Iberia) following endorheic-exorheic drainage reorganization. ,
    Stokes M & Bahrami S Salt dome morphology: a quantitative analysis of diapiric process-based classification schemes. ,


    Conferences organised

  • 8th International Geomorphological Congress, New Delhi, India, Nov 2017 - session chair
  • FLAG2014, SE Spain - co-convenor
  • FLAG 2010, Portugal - co-convenor
  • , Melbourne, Australia, July 2009 - session chair
  • , Banff, Canada - session chair.
  • Continental session chair, Aberdeen, Dec 2007.
  • Alluvial Fans 2003 – Co-convernor of a BSRG/BGRG meeting on alluvial fans held in SE Spain .
  • 7th International Fluvial Sedimentology Meeting, Nebraska USA, 2001 – Co-convenor of a symposia entitled “'Tectonically induced rates of change in alluvial systems”.
  • British Sedimentary Research Group 2001 – Co-convenor of the Annual General Meeting in Plymouth. 
  • BSRG/BGRG SE SpainField Meeting, Sept 1999 – Co-convenor
  • BSRG/BGRG SE Spain Field Meeting, Sept 1996 – Co-convenor