Professor Oliver Hanemann

Professor Oliver Hanemann

Chair in Clinical Neurobiology

Peninsula Medical School (Faculty of Health)

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  • Motor neurone disease
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Associate Head (Research) Peninsula Medical School
Chair of Clinical Neurobiology
Plymouth University Peninsula Medical School
Neurology Consultant
University Hospitals Plymouth Hospital NHS Trust 


I trained at Medical School in Hamburg, Glasgow, Johns Hopkins and Harvard. After a DFG research fellowship in molecular neurobiology, in which I cloned the myelin protein PMP22 I was neurology registrar at Medical School in Duesseldorf with Prof Freund. During that period I participated in resolving gene-defect and pathogenesis of the most frequent hereditary neuropathy CMT1A, became lecturer for Neurology and Neurobiology and honorary consultant at that department in 1998 and started work on benign glial tumours. From 2000 I was consultant incl. clinical lead and senior lecturer at the medical school in Ulm continuing my work on benign glia tumours and neuropathies focussing more on motor neuropathies. During that time I was also trained as a medical geneticist. In 2005 I became chair of clinical neurobiology at the Peninsula medical school establishing clinical neurobiology research and administering different independent researcher groups. I successfully bridge basic and clinical sciences. I have been Associate Medical Director for R&D Plymouth Hospital NHS Trust and and Academic lead department of Neurology PHNT 
I was founding director of the Institute for Translational and Stratified Medicine where my remit was to champion research across traditional boundaries and focus on world-leading research. I was Associate Dean Research 2015-2017. Currently I am Associate Head (Research) Peninsula Medical School and lead the Brain Tumour Centre of Excellence at the University of Plymouth

Professional membership


Roles on external bodies

Nationally I am neurology lead in the Peninsula Neuro-oncology network, member BNOS council and DeNDRON, (currently research director MND in the SW), I was member of scientific advisory boards in multiple organisations (currently GOSHH),. I am reviewer for more than 20 international journals including Brain, Cancer Res, Oncogene Nature Communications and Human Mol Gen, and reviewer for a variety of granting agencies incl Wellcome, MRC, CR-UK and DFG. I am editor of Cancer Letters.


Staff serving as external examiners

Involved in research SSU's, case units, lectures
External PhD examiner at: University of Exeter, University of Portsmouth, University Cardiff, Queen Mary University, UCL, University Jena, University Ulm 


Research interests

My own focus is on neuromuscular disease esp. motor neuron disease and neurooncology. I supervised more than 30 PhD students quite a few finished with distinction and started a career in academia. Our current work on motor neuron disease is mainly clinical and includes genotype-phenotype analysis and clinical trials. In neurooncology we focus on cell biology studies to find and validate new therapeutic targets as there is a great medical need to find new treatments. Following our aim to work translational I also look after many patients with these diseases as a honorary consultant. 
My current h-index is 56

Research degrees awarded to supervised students

The Brain Tumour Centre comprises three research groups with roughly 30 staff including PhD students

Grants & contracts

Over 4 Million £ previously excluding FEC. Currently Brain Tumour Research centre grant, Children's Tumour Foundation


Total 168, h-index: google scholar 56, total citation over 10826
Selected recent highly cited publications including few older key publications
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