Dr Patrick Holden

Dr Patrick Holden

Associate Professor (Reader)

School of Society and Culture (Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business)

Dr Patrick Holden can be contacted through arrangement with our Press Office, to speak to the media on these areas of expertise.
  • European Union
  • Development aid
  • International organisations


Patrick Holden’s research has explored the link between power, ideas and public policy on topics such as trade policy and development. Holden’s career has been distinguished by engagement with policymakers and stakeholders at all levels, from working with policy-makers from the EU and OECD to local institutions in Plymouth. A proficient media contributor Holden did a ‘Brexplanations’ episode for Radio 5 Live (2019) and explained the recent G7 tax agreement for Sky News (2021).
Research and teaching in relation to International Political Economy, the European Union, International Public Policy, Multilevel Governance


  • 2004-2005 Early Stage Researcher, University of Cambridge, Centre for International Studies. (Marie Curie Fellowship).
  • 2001-2005 University of Limerick, PHD on EU aid policy and the reform of governance in North Africa. (Awarded Government of Ireland Scholarship 2001).
  • 2000-2001 University of Limerick, MA Degree in European Integration (First Class Honours) (Dissertation topic - Pre-accession aid).
  • 1992-1995 University College Dublin, BA in History and English (Honours, 2.1).

Professional membership

BISA British International Studies AssociationUACES University Association for Contemporary European Studies
PSA Political Studies Association
DSA Development Studies Association

Key publications

Hynes W & Holden P (2016) 'What future for the Global Aid for Trade Initiative? Towards an assessment of its achievements and limitations' Development Policy Review 34, (4) 593-619 ,
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Teaching interests

Europe in the World, International Trade Politics, International Political Economy and Global Governance.


Research interests

Geoeconomics: International Trade Politics and Policy; Development Policy
Politics and Public Policy
Global/local interactions: The Plymouth South Devon Freeport

Other research

ESRC Festival of Social Science (2022) The Political and Socio-Economic implications of the Plymouth South Devon Freeport ESRC Festival of Social Science (2019) Negotiation in an Age of Political Crisis.
Brexit Rebuilding Relationships and Resilience Project (with Richard Saundry) 2018-2019 (internally funded).
Rebuilding Relationships final report

Research degrees awarded to supervised students

  • Veit Bachmann 2009: Regulating geopolitical space: EU interaction with East Africa
  • Annette Elliot 2009: Building Positive Peace? A gendered analysis of United Nations Security Council Resolutiin 1325 on Women, Peace and Security


Key publications

Hynes W & Holden P (2016) 'What future for the Global Aid for Trade Initiative? Towards an assessment of its achievements and limitations' Development Policy Review 34, (4) 593-619 ,

Key publications are highlighted

Holden P (2023) 'Strongholds of Liberalism? The Reaction of Regional Integration Institutions to the Pandemic Trade Crisis' The International Spectator 1-21 ,
Holden P (2020) 'Irreconcilable tensions? The EU’s development policy in an era of global illiberalism' Journal of Contemporary European Research 16, (2) 101-119 ,
Holden P (2019) 'Territory, geoeconomics and power politics: The Irish government's framing of Brexit' Political Geography 76, 0-0 ,
Holden P (2019) 'Finding common ground? The European Union and European Civil Society framing of the role of trade in the Sustainable Development Goals' Journal of Common Market Studies ,
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Holden P (2008) In Search of Structural Power: EU aid policy as a global political instrument. Ashgate Publishing
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(2015) 'The Diplomatic System of the European Union' in Smith M; Keukeleire S; Vanhoonacker S Routledge ,
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Holden P (2004) 'Strategic intervention or showcase? EU aid as a force for change in Morocco’' in Peter Xuereb The European Union and the Mediterranean: The Mediterranean’s European Challenges, Volume V EDRC, Malta


Other academic activities

  • I am on the editorial board of Mediterranean Politics.
  • I am the external examiner for the MA in International Politics at Sussex University
  • I have served as an evaluator of ESRC and ESF (European Science Foundation) Projects.
  • I contributed to the Trinity International Development Initiative’s submission to the Irish Government’s review of its development White Paper (March 2012).
  • External Examiner for PhDs at the University of Aston 2011 and University of Ghent 2012.
  • Chair of the Plymouth Business School’s Faculty Research Ethical Approval Committee 2010-2011.
  • Joint-Manager of the International Relations undergraduate programme at Plymouth University: September 2011-May 2012.