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What are extenuating circumstances?
During your studies there may be times where you experience situations that:
  • have an impact on your ability to attend or complete your assessments at the usual time, and
  • are outside of your control or you could not reasonably have predicted.
These are referred to as extenuating circumstances.
If you are affected by extenuating circumstances, we want to support you and can take these circumstances into account by allowing you to, for example:
  • submit your assessment slightly later than the published deadline, or
  • not submit your assessment at the usual time, but have an opportunity to be assessed at a later date, or
  • not attend a time-specific assessment (for example, an examination, a test, a presentation or performance, or field class), but have an opportunity to be assessed at a later date.

Submitting a claim for extenuating circumstances

Should you wish to submit a claim for extenuating circumstances, you should do so no later than ten working days after the original deadline for submission of coursework or ten working days after the date of your examination, practical assessment or test. If you are unsure of the deadline please contact your Faculty Office, partner institution or Doctoral College.