A student walks down the aisle towards the stage on her graduation day
At the University of Plymouth, we believe in fostering a welcoming and inclusive community that supports every student to achieve their full potential. Our commitment to fair access and equal opportunity inspires us to make education as accessible as possible. If you are eligible you will automatically be offered the opportunity to apply for a Make It Count Award worth £3000.
There are 20 awards of £3000 available to support new students starting their academic undergraduate journey with the University of Plymouth in Autumn 2024.

Application, criteria, and eligibility

To be considered eligible to apply for the award you must have received an offer to study at the University of Plymouth starting in Autumn 2024 and have received an email inviting you to apply for the Make it Count Award.

Application deadline: All applications must be received by 30 June 2024.
Applicants rejected by default or applying through clearing will not be eligible to apply for the award.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible you must:
  • be UK domiciled
  • live in an area identified under the Indices of Multiple Deprivation of IMDQ1 (our contextual offers page includes a useful postcode checker)
  • have received an email invitation to apply.

Terms and conditions

Upon your successful application, you will be expected to agree to the following terms and conditions:
  • You must achieve the required grades for entry and have enrolled at the University of Plymouth by the final enrolment date in autumn 2024.
  • If, by reason of any emergency or other circumstance, you as the award-holder do not complete your first year, they may be required to refund all, or part of the award as may be considered reasonable under all circumstances.
  • You may be expected to take part in activities which promote the University and its award programme. This may include activity on social media, traditional media, the University’s website and in communication to donors and alumni. In addition, you must complete the reporting back form which will be sent at the end of your first year stating how the award has helped you in your academic career. This information may be used in literature to promote the value of and provide feedback to those who support the fund and the University. If a report is not received, this may result in subsequent applications being denied. 
  • Recognition of the award should be made wherever possible. Wording such as ‘Supported by University of Plymouth Make it Count Award’ would suffice, but please run the wording by the Development and Alumni Relations Office by emailing alumni@plymouth.ac.uk.
A group of students walking across Plymouth campus near Drakes Place and the Reservoir Cafe

This award is offered thanks to the generous support of philanthropic donors.