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This page will help you:
  • complete essential actions to gain access to services and facilities
  • learn more about what to expect when you start your course and beyond
  • access your important academic induction information
  • discover activities and events
  • safely settle into university life and discover the campus and city.

A world of opportunity awaits

We hope you’re excited to start the next step of your journey here in Plymouth. Find out what to expect from your student experience during this academic year and beyond.
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Find support when you need it

Even though you might not need it just yet, it’s important to familiarise yourself with the different forms of support we can provide throughout your studies:
  • study support
  • careers advice and services
  • mental health and wellbeing support
  • disability support
  • and more
Student support. After you apply. Students in the student hub

Useful resources

This form of ID will grant you access to library facilities, buildings and services
IT equipment you're likely to need to help you complete your studies
Learn how to use and make the most of the library facility
Your Careers Service has so much to offer you in your first year. From helping you recognise your future possibilities to supporting you in gaining valuable professional experiences
Discover Plymouth’s history and explore the city at your own pace through self-guided walking trails
Understand the approach the University takes to sustainability and how you can get involved
Photo of Charlie, BA (Hons) Architecture student