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The Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business transcends the provision of degrees and doctorates, lectures and workshops by:

  • working with schools and colleges to raise aspirations
  • offering support for the development of creative business ideas through The Cube
  • fostering collaborations both within the University and with external partners through Creative Cultivator
  • bringing a diverse range of cultural events to the people of Plymouth and the South West through The Arts Institute.

Bringing together a diverse community the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business works hard for its students be they in the studio, a seminar room, or in extra-curricular activities. 

Through the provision of creative learning we build a culture of ingenuity, diversity and distinctiveness, a culture that has far reaching benefits that go beyond the faculty, beyond the University and reach out into the community, industry and economy at large.

The Arts Institute – public arts programme

Our public programme informed by research expertise and through collaborations with partners across the city, welcomes audiences of all ages and backgrounds to experience high quality exhibitions, talks, films, music and performances throughout the year.
Jill Craigie Cinema

Public Policy

Providing evidence to support policymaking processes
The University of Plymouth has a prestigious record of engaging with and influencing policy, from legislation on microplastics, to innovation in offshore renewable energy to the health of coastal communities. We work with local, regional, national and international partners across a range of complex policy issues including soil erosion, anti-microbial resistance and digital interventions for Parkinsons’ sufferers.