Ajinkya Bhat

Indian student Ajinkya Bhat graduated in 2017 with an MSc in Robotics Technology.

He completed the first year of his dual degree at the University of Plymouth and moved onto Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania, USA for the second year. Ajinkya is now studying for a PhD in the field of prosthetics and rehabilitation at the National University of Singapore.

The foundations were laid at Plymouth

"Robotics has been my passion since I was first introduced to it at the age of 12. I wanted to pursue it as a career and the best way to dive deeper was to get into a course that would let me get my hands dirty!

The foundations were laid at Plymouth with the breadth of courses and I was able to specialise at Carnegie Mellon - I guess it could not have been better!

I always had an inclination towards doing research, and doing a PhD was a natural course of action that was (almost) planned. Plymouth and later CMU played a vital role in reigniting my hunger to keep learning - especially increasing my breadth from control engineering, to robotics and now medical technologies and neuroprosthetics, and essentially convinced me that, that was the right path."

Ajinkya Bhat, MScΜύ Robotics Technology graduate

The thing I loved the most

"The thing I loved the most was the freedom I had to do projects. Coming from an education system which is theory-centric, this was something I always missed having. Most of the projects were quite open-ended, which allowed me to let my imagination run wild which in turn allowed me to learn things that I wanted to and learn them at a rapid pace."

The most fun moment

"As part of the Human-Robot Interaction course at Plymouth, me and a couple of my colleagues had the opportunity to program a robot with an Algebra lesson. We then went to a school and saw it in action and the thrill on the face of the kids at being taught by the robot was priceless! This is easily the most fun moment of my career so far."

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