Borrow, renew, return

Borrowing books

  • You'll need your University card to issue books.
  • You are responsible for everything borrowed on your card and for any fines or charges incurred. Please check your and regularly renew your books.
  • Self-service issue machines are available on level 1.
Equipment loans
Students and staff can borrow various equipment from the help desk on Level 1, close to the entrance. Please see our for further information about the type of equipment, loan period and charges.
Inter Library Loans (ILL)
Please make sure you are able to collect and return any ILL books in person.
If you need help accessing alternative resources, please speak to your .
Borrowing entitlement
Who How many How long
Students 20 6 weeks
Staff 20 6 weeks
Initial Teacher Education (ITE) students 20 plus an additional 40 items from the School Experience Collection (SEC) 6 weeks (16 weeks for SEC)
Associates 6 6 weeks
The library is open 24/7 term time. Loans may be due back during vacation periods.


You may be able to renew your loans if you need to keep them longer. To renew via the homepage, sign in (top right of the page) using your University username and password, and select 'My Account'. Further information is available on .
You will not be able to renew if:
  • Someone else has placed a recall on an item (return the item by the new due date to avoid a fine).
  • You owe £25 or more in fines and/or charges.
If you are away from the University, you can post items back to us ‘For the attention of Library and IT Enquiries’.
If the Library doesn’t have what you need, you may be eligible to use our .


  • You do not need your University card to return items.
  • You can return your books via the return machines on Level 1 in the library.

Overdue loans and fines

You will only be fined if you’re late returning an item requested by someone else.
Library stock is issued for 6 weeks unless another borrower requests it, in which case it becomes a 7 day loan. If one of your loans is requested, you will receive a recall email notification with the new due date. .
Overdue category Penalty
Overdue book – not recalled No fine. Account suspended until item renewed or returned.
6 weeks overdue – not recalled If not renewed within 6 weeks of the due date, an item is deemed lost and you are charged the replacement cost.
Overdue book – recalled A fine of £2 per item per day to a maximum of £50 per item (if not returned within 7 days of recall or by due date if sooner).
Overdue inter-library loan £5.70 renewal fee per item. Other fees may apply.*
Lost item Cost of item replacement from library suppliers.
* please see our for more information.
Invoiced charges:
If you have over £25 of charges on your account, you will be invoiced and your library account will remain suspended until the balance is brought below £25.
To avoid fines:
Check your emails and library account regularly and return or renew items on time. Remember items can be recalled at any time. A recalled item cannot be renewed and must be returned within 7 days or by the original due date, whichever is sooner.
The following library notices are sent to your University registered email address:
  • Library courtesy notice – 7 days before the due date
  • Library due date reminder – on due date
  • Library overdue items warning – 3 weeks overdue
  • Library overdue items bill – 6 weeks overdue (item set to “Lost”)
  • Receipt of library payment – when you make any payment at the Library
  • Library loan update/recall – when you need to return an item requested by another user.
You can pay fines:
  • at the information desk on level 1 of the library with a debit or credit card or with your University card pre-loaded with money
  • by phone +44 1752 588588 with a debit or credit card
  • for invoiced charges, follow directions at the bottom of the invoice to pay by BACS.
Once a lost item has been paid for (before or after invoice) we will not normally accept returned items or offer refunds, since we will have purchased a replacement copy. Please contact or the Library Information Desk with any queries.

Requests and recalls

Get the books you need quickly with request and recall.
We operate a system so we can make popular items available to as many customers as possible.
If an item you need is on loan, don't wait for it to be returned – simply place a request.
Your request will trigger a recall. Recalled items cannot be renewed by the current borrower and must be returned within 7 days of the request being placed, or by the original due date, whichever is sooner. You will receive an email once your requested item is available to collect. Reservations are held by the Information Desk on level 1.
All items are subject to recall at any time including vacations.
Make sure you return any books you don’t need and check your emails for recall notices. .

Additional services

Library support tailored to your needs.
Support services are available to enable access to library resources for University of Plymouth students who are:
  • registered with Disability Inclusion Services
  • on a part-time course
  • on a full-time course in part-time mode
  • on placement of 6 weeks or more
  • living permanently more than 25 miles away from campus.
Services include:
  • postal loans
  • book collection service
  • copy/scan and email service
  • assistive technology equipment and software
  • alternative formats.
For full details, see our Library Guides:

Borrow equipment from the library

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