Library staff member stood behind a desk. A PC is on the desk and in the background on the wall is a speech bubble that says Ask Us.

What facilities do you have in the library?

Find out what we have in the library by looking at our The can also help you plan your visit.
Don’t forget you will need your University ID card to access the library.
Some of our facilities include:
  • toilets on all floors
  • PCs on all floors
  • printers on floors 0 to 2
  • bookable study rooms
  • group and quiet study areas
  • Writing Café on Level 1.

How do I search for books and articles?

Watch our video to find out: 
  • How to search for articles (00:38)
  • How to search for a book or eBook (01:30)
  • How to find a book on the shelves in the Charles Seale-Hayne Library (02:26)
Look at our for help with search techniques and sources and types of information.

How do I take a book out?

There are two self-issue machines on Level 1 near the entrance gates.
  • You will need to use your University ID card to take books out.
  • The self-issue machines will display the titles and due dates of the books you issue.
  • A book will be loaned to you for six weeks unless there is a queue of users who have requested the item. In this case it will be loaned for seven days.
Check your library account and renew your loans regularly. If your issued item is subsequently requested, the due date may change.

How do I return books?

There are two self-return machines on Level 1 next to the Information Desk. There is also a red returns bin on Level 0 in the 24/7 Open Access Room.
  • You do not need your University ID card to return books.
  • Instructions are displayed above the machines.
  • Inter Library Loans should be returned to the Information Desk.
Check your library account to make sure all returned books have come off of your account. If there are any issues please contact us straight away.

How do I collect a book I've requested?

Books should be collected from the reservation shelving near the Information Desk on Level 1.
  • You will receive an email when your book is ready to collect. 
  • Your book will be held until the expiry date stated on the email.
  • Collect your book from the reservation shelving. 
  • Books on the reservation shelving are filed under last initials in alphabetical order.
  • A printed slip with your initials will be wrapped around the book to help you find it.
  • Issue your book as usual before leaving the library. 
  • The book will be loaned to you for six weeks unless there is a queue of users who have requested the item. In this case it will be loaned for seven days.

How do I check my Library account and renew books?

Find out by watching our 01:38 minute video. Look at our self-help articles to discover more about:
, including:
  • how many items you can take out
  • taking out and returning items
  • overdue charges.
, including:
  • how to request a book
  • what happens if someone requests your book.

How do I change my password?

You can change your password online by doing the following: 
  • Log in to
  • Select the Office 365 tile, choose the cog icon in the top right corner, then select Change your password from the drop down menu.
If you have forgotten your current password and need to change it, please .

How do I get IT help?

If you have a general IT query or need help accessing electronic and digital resources we can help. You can contact us:

How do I use the DLE? 

There are various guides to help you use the Digital Learning Environment (DLE) covering:
  • accessing resources and activities 
  • viewing recorded lectures 
  • submitting coursework online
  • using the ePortfolio PebblePad.

How do I book a study room?

We have a number of bookable study rooms on all floors of the library. 
  • you will need to book online at
  • enter your University email and password to log in
  • select the tile Student Study Rooms (Charles Seale Hayne Library)
  • in the Refine Search section, to the right, you can select a date and time. This will display the rooms on the floor levels that are available
  • select the study room that you wish to book
  • in the form, add your name in the Booking title field, check the details and select Book
  • you will see your booking on a calendar and confirmation will be sent to your University email address. 
Staff member stood behind Information Desk.