3D tissue engineering and biocompatibility with ITSMED visual mark

The increased use of biodegradable synthetic or natural scaffolds combined with cells and/or biological molecules, in order to create functional replacement tissue in a damaged tissue site, has led to the need for the development of reproducible methods. Our research aims in this area are focused toward the creation of safe, appropriate and good quality in vitro models for the purpose of solving complex issues in craniofacial tissue disease.

Dr Vehid Salih
Associate Professor (Reader) in Oral & Dental Health Research
3D Tissue Engineering and Biocompatibility Research Lead

External research collaborators

  • Professor Jonathan Knowles - Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering, UCL Eastman Institute
  • Professor Alastair Sloan - Cardiff University Dental School
  • - Erlangen University, Nuremberg, Germany
  • Professor Carlos Vergani - UNESP Dental School, Sao Paulo, Brazil
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