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Older news

Mat Upton, along with collaborators, has just been awarded £933k from Innovate UK to help take his discoveries of new antibiotic molecules towards drug therapy. He has also been awarded £33k by Innovate UK to develop a test for microbial pathogens as part of another consortium investigating the environmental dangers of ship's ballast. (2018)

Xinzhong Li has set up a large multidisciplinary and international team to train 14 PhD students while developing new approaches to brain cancer diagnosis (with Electrical Engineering and Business collaborators here at Plymouth University). The EU Horizon 2020 committee has announced a €3.7 million award to support this project. (2018)

Michael Jarvis is working with virologists at Oxford to find a vaccine for Hepatitis C; they have just been awarded a grant for this work from the Medical Research Council. (2017)

Mat Upton has been awarded £217,000 as Lead Academic on an Innovate UK/BBSRC award to help develop new antibiotics. (2017)

Simon Jackson has just been awarded £300,000 from NERC and Dstl for his project 'Detection and characterisation of bacterial lipopolysaccharides in bioaerosols and identity of the inflammatory pathways elicited for the protection of public health. (2017)

The children's charity Action Medical Research has awarded Sylwia Ammoun £65,000 to support her work on drug therapies for Merlin-deficient tumours. . (2016)

The dementia research charity  is to fund a PhD studentship under Oleg Anichtchik to investigate Dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB), the second-most prevalent form. (2016)

A £517,000 project for 'Tackling autophagy and apoptosis for the potential therapy of Huntington’s Disease' by Dr Shouqing Luo​ has been funded by the Medical Research Council. (2015)

$740,000 NIH grant awarded to Dr Kim Tieu to investigate the role of environmental toxins in Parkinson’s disease with an emphasis on the mitochondrial pathway.​ (2014)

Plymouth University named Centre of Excellence by the charity . The group headed by Professor Oliver Hanemann will receive five million pounds over the next five years to continue their work into treatment for low-grade brain tumours. Read the . (2014)

513,000 Medical Research Council award to team headed by Dr Kim Tieu "Manipulating mitochondrial dynamics as a potential therapeutic strategy for Parkinson's disease". (2014) 

National Centre for Replacement, Refinement & Reduction of Animals in Research (NC3Rs) 'Highly Commended' prize at the to Dr Gyorgy Fejer. (2013)