PUPSMD medical statistics publications

2018 publications

Tounsi WA, Madgett TE & Avent ND (2018) 'Complete RHD next-generation sequencing: establishment ofreference RHD alleles' Blood Advances2, (20) 2713–2723 ,

Erratum: Blood Advances 3, (2) 120–12

2017 publications

Sillence KA, Halawani AJ, Tounsi WA, Clarke KA, Kiernan M, Madgett TE & Avent ND (2017) 'Rapid RHD Zygosity Determination using Digital PCR' Clinical Chemistry 63, 1388–1397.

2016 publications

Li B, Pan G & Avent N (2016) 'A Simple Approach to Preparation of Graphene/Reduced Graphene Oxide/Polyallylamine Electrode and Their Electrocatalysis for Hydrogen Peroxide Reduction' Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 16, (12) 12805-12810. .

2015 publications

Sillence KA, Roberts LA, Hollands HJ, Thompson HP, Kiernan M, Madgett TE, Ross Welch C & Avent ND (2015) 'Fetal Sex and RHD Genotyping with Digital PCR Demonstrates Greater Sensitivity than Real-time PCR' Clinical Chemistry 61, (11) 1399-1407. .

Li B, Pan G, Avent ND, Lowry RB, Madgett TE & Waines PL (2015) 'Graphene electrode modified with electrochemically reduced graphene oxide for label-free DNA detection' Biosensors and Bioelectronics 72, 313-319. .

Li B, Pan G, Jamil NY, Al Taan L, Awan S & Avent N (2015) 'Shielding technique for deposition of Au electrical contacts on graphene by sputtering' Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A: Vacuum, Surfaces, and Films 33, (3). .

2014 publications

Avent ND (2014) 'Prenatal testing for hemolytic disease of the newborn and fetal neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia – current status' Expert Review of Hematology 7, (6) 741-745. .

2013 publications

Avent ND (2013) 'Glycophorin C ligation: another biochemical pathway in red blood cell senescence?' Transfusion 53, (10). .

Avent ND (2013) 'Maternal plasma biomarkers for Down syndrome: present and future' Drugs Today (Barc) 49, (2) 145-152. .

Sillence KA, Madgett TE, Roberts LA, Overton TG & Avent ND (2013) 'Non-invasive screening tools for Down's Syndrome: A review' Diagnostics 3, (2) 291-314. .

Haer-Wigman L, Veldhuisen B, Jonkers R, Lodén M, Madgett TE, Avent ND, de Haas M & van der Schoot CE (2013) 'RHD and RHCE variant and zygosity genotyping via multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification' Transfusion 53, (7) 1559-1574. .

2012 publications

Heywood W, Mills K, Wang D, Hogg J, Madgett TE, Avent ND & Chitty LS (2012) 'Identification of new biomarkers for Down's syndrome in maternal plasma' J Proteomics 75, (9) 2621-2628. .

Webb A, Madgett TE, Miran T, Sillence K, Kaushik N, Kiernan M & Avent ND (2012) 'Non Invasive Prenatal Diagnosis Of Aneuploidy: Next Generation Sequencing Or Fetal Dna Enrichment?' Balkan Journal Of Medical Genetics 15 (supplement), 17-26. 

Avent ND (2012) 'Refining noninvasive prenatal diagnosis with single-molecule next-generation sequencing' Clinical Chemistry 58, (4) 657-658. .

Heywood W, Wang D, Madgett TE, Avent ND, Eaton S, Chitty LS & Mills K (2012) 'The development of a peptide SRM-based tandem mass spectrometry assay for prenatal screening of Down syndrome' J Proteomics 75, (11) 3248-3257. .