Re-imagined States: Arts and Humanities MA Show 2016

Research projects in Art and Design can lead to either a written thesis or one that combines critical writing with artistic, creative and/or professional practice.

  • Aesthetics and representation
  • Applied design
  • Digital art and technology
  • Land, water and the visual arts
  • Moving image arts
  • Sonic art and sound installation
  • Visual communication
  • Art, creativity and mental health

  • Art and consciousness
  • Photography
  • Interactive art and design
  • Transdisciplinary methodologies in the arts, sciences and humanities
  • Live art and performance art
  • Museology and critical theory
  • Art history

Postgraduate Research Coordinators

If you are thinking about becoming a postgraduate researcher at the University of Plymouth, you are welcome to contact the Postgraduate Research Coordinators in your field of interest.聽

They will discuss potential supervisors with you and answer any questions you might have about embarking on a research degree in their research area.

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Psychology PhD student and supervisor

How to apply for a research degree

Do you need more information about admissions requirements?聽

We offer a wide variety of degrees, including ResM research degrees, Professional Doctorates and MPhil and PhD doctorate opportunities.

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