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Plymouth Institute of Health and Care Research

From basic research discovering the causes of disease, through to evaluating novel ways of delivering care to the most vulnerable people in society, our thriving community conducts adventurous world-leading research

Transformation in life course, ageing, methodologies, e-health, technology and interventions in health, social care, lifestyle and wellbeing

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"One aspect of my research was speaking with parents who were searching for a diagnosis for their child. I was trying to understand more about the hoops they had to jump through as they did not have a name for their child’s condition. Some of the findings from this work were used in an application to the National Lottery to set up a support group for parents in this situation (SWAN UK). It was lovely to have something tangible and positive come out of academic research."

Celine Lewis

Postgraduate Research Coordinators

If you are thinking about becoming a postgraduate researcher at the University of Plymouth, you are welcome to contact the Postgraduate Research Coordinators in your field of interest. 

They will discuss potential supervisors with you and answer any questions you might have about embarking on a research degree in their research area.

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Psychology PhD student and supervisor

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We offer a wide variety of degrees, including ResM research degrees, Professional Doctorates and MPhil and PhD doctorate opportunities.

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